About Fusion Hair

Fusion Hair Salon stylist and owner, Jez Coxon raised in London, England. He always had an extreme love for fashion and music. The hair industry became a perfect setting for him to experiment and find an outlet for his self-expression. The Punk Revolution had come and gone and Jez was diving head-first into being a creative part of the hair stylist world. The training Jez embarked upon for the next three years was just as intense as music & fashion at this time which became a perfect background for hairstyles with absolutely no boundaries.

Jezz Fusion Hair Salon Los Angeles Orange CountyFashion, music, and hair were forever changing – what was in this season, was out the next. The pressure to keep up was overwhelming. Always taking courses and seminars, assisting top London hair stylists at shows, Jez was always eager to learn from the best. At the end of six years and gaining lots of experience at Toni & Guy (London), it was time to move on – this time to a foreign land. Jez was ready for something completely different. He landed at Selvaggio in Rome, Italy as Artistic Director. Not only teaching other hairdressers there, but also worked on fashion assignments for Italian Vogue, Elite, and Passion International.

Two years later and with his proud portfolio Jez left for the United States. This is where he hoped to bring a European flair to Los Angeles.

Jez Fusion Hair Salon stylist Los Angeles, Orange County

Fusion Hair Los Angeles, Orange County

Jez worked for Carlton Hair as their creative and Educational Director of the Ecoli product line. Among his duties was participating in education and fashion shows in the U.S. After four years, Jez set his sights on also creating a salon of his own. He would take some time improving skills and find a specific place and clientage who would benefit from his talents. In 1998, FUSION was born, bringing a new flavor to Los Angeles hair design. At the same time, Jez was setting the reputation for Fudge hair products presenting seminars for stylists. Today, Jez is solely committed to bringing Fusion to the top of its class to become one of the best hair salons in Los Angeles and Orange County.